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Marc Chagall, Lovers Over the City/ Over Vitebsk, Signed Limited Edition Facsimile Print, With Certificate of Authority.

SKU Art- 168

Art- 168

Artist: Marc Chagall.

Title: Lovers Over the City

Medium: Giclee Facsimile Print

Painting Size: 18.5” x 26”

Frame Size: 28.5” x 35.5”

Date: 1913

Style: Abstract/ Surrealism 

Description: “Over the Town shows Chagall and his wife flying above Vitebsk, which is a small town where he grew up. Chagall is holding his wife close as she waives one hand open through the air. The homes below them are all the same color, except for one red house in the background. There are also wooden fences present around most of the homes. The sky is more of a white than a blue and both people are wearing darker clothes to make them stand out among all the light colors.”