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Collecible Handcrafted Decoration, Khatamkari On Copper Candy Dish, Signed by Aghajani, 15”

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This 15” copper candy dish features authentically handcrafted Khatamkari decoration, signed by Aghajani. Enjoy the elegance of artisanship in the intricate details of the middle eastern craftmanship. Perfect as a gift or to be treasured forever in your collection.

Art- 540

Artist: Aghajani

Title: Khatamkari On Copper
Candy Dish

Medium: copper, wood, bone, metal

Size: 15” x 8”

Style: Persian handcraft

 Description: Khatam kari is one of the ancient Persian Art. Khatam-kari  is a version of marquetry and decorating the surface of wooden or metal articles with delicate pieces of metal, wood, bone. Khatam-kari or khatam-bandi refers to the art of crafting a khatam.
All hand crafted.

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